Scaling Heights And Settling Scores At Pinnacles Classic

A gallant bunch of Striders (and some Redcliffe Tri crew) ventured to the Pinnacles Classic Trail Run last weekend. The Pinnacles Classic is described as 18 hills in 18km’s, and that is no exaggeration! Boasting hills named as ‘The Mother’, ‘The Brute’, ‘The B*********’, ‘The Double Whammy’ gives you an idea of the arduous nature of the run and the cruel nature of the organisers! Amongst the aspirants were a few Pinnacles Virgins: Ernie, Emma & Michael. Jerrod came along and ended up volunteering as a race official and as our photographer. He took more photos of himself than anything else but that’s another story. Continue reading “Scaling Heights And Settling Scores At Pinnacles Classic”

Pinnacles Classic Report

Erik Anderson, Greg Hall, Stan Fetting celebrate the end of the pain at Pinnacles CLassic 2009
Erik Anderson, Greg Hall, Stan Fetting celebrate the end of the pain at Pinnacles CLassic 2009

Greg Hall edged out Stan Fetting in a thrilling finish to the Striders unofficial King of the Mountains race at Pinnacles Classic this Saturday.  After 18km of gruelling trail running 4 seconds was all that seperated the jubilant Greg Hall from Stan. The young gun has been chasing the sly fox for some time now and it was only a matter of time before Greg’s hard work paid off.  The two came together just before the halfway mark after the tough ascent up ‘The Mother’ and from there on it was hammer and tongue all the way to the finish with each runner trying to get away from the other.  Greg opened up a lead of about 100 metres with 2km to go but the two were abreast again with about 1km to go down a steep descent.  By the time both runners got to the bottom they were sprinting and Greg timed his well to edge ahead of Stan.

Erik Anderson and Mary Jackson also put in solid performances in possibly the biggest field that Pinnacles has had in its existence.  OVer 60 runner lined up at the start for the tough challenge with climbs called ‘The Mother’, ‘The B******d’, ‘The Mongrel’, but to name a few.  Congratulations to Greg Hall on an excellent performance to knock the old boy off his perch.  Greg was quoted as saying “It’s all downhill for him from here!”, and in reply Stan was heard to say “No this simply means WAR!!!”.  We look forward to the next tussle between these two!

Pinnacles Classic

pinnaclesstartThis years Pinnacles Classic will be run on Saturday 18th April.  This is a charming but challenging run, which is not widely known but growing in popularity.  Once you’ve done it you’ll always come back.  The report from last years race reads:

Previously a secret to a small group of runners, the course climbs and drops 1,060 metres in a series of mean sharp hills, most with names which define their characteristics.

Example hills: “The Brute”, “The Mother” (a one kilometer plus slog up a real heartbreaker) and the “Double Whammy” which despite warnings still manages to produce groans when the second part comes into view. The run which attracts a small field is run clockwise and anti-clockwise in alternate years and is followed by a BBQ (and a beer) for those who enjoy the post run de-brief.

Read the full report here.

A number of Striders will be heading over for an enjoyable Saturday morning.  If you are interested let Stan know so that we can car pool.