New Striders Leadership Team

Our new identity as fully independent club was cemented last night.  At our meeting the inaugural leadership team of South Pine Striders were voted in. We have a team of eight which includes three officers and five members of the management team.  We also filled a number of other club roles on what was a very productive night.

Our first leadership team is as follows:


President – Stan Fetting

Secretary – Michael Stark

Treasurer – Karen Brown

Management Team:

Mary Jackson

Sandy Scott

Duncan Price

Jerrod Smith

Michelle Goswell

We also filled a number of club responsibilities:

Social butterflies: Julie, Wendy

Uniforms: Emma

Sponsorship/Grants: Jerrod, Ernie

Media/Marketing: Stan, Wendy

Walker representative: Michelle, Carol

Photographer: Tony, Tim

Race Co-ordinator: Duncan

Stats: Time

Nutrition: Pam, Gavin, Mary

Welcome Party for new members/buddy: Sandy, Michelle, Gavin

Website: Stan, Corne

 So, now what?

Karen is currently opening up a bank account for our club. From July 1 our new membership system starts, more information to follow. Stan is designing a club flyer that can be given to all new enquiring members and for you to hand out to family and friends. The sponsorship team will also seek a new round of sponsors to begin in July. At our first management team meeting we will also formalise our coaching team which currently consists of Mary, Stan and Michael. Our Social Butterflies will begin planning our Christmas Party in earnest as well as other social events.


Last night was a historic night for the club. I would like to thank Mary and also Gabriel who have been group leaders from the beginning and helped our club grow over the last 5 years. Thanks also to those who have been around since the early days both in the morning and evening groups and to all our ‘new regulars’. Special thanks to those who have put their hands up (or had other hold them up!) to join our management team and also those who have put their hands up for club roles.

This club was birthed out of South Pine Community Church as an initiative to create something of value for the community, and it was envisaged from the start that at some point the club would be set free to exist in its own right as an independent entity. We still have close links to the church by way of the use of property which we greatly value. Hopefully our club will grow form strength to strength and in many years time when we’ve perhaps moved on others will be thankful that we had the motivation and passion to begin what we have.


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