Running Race Roundup: Brisbane, XC Nationals, Lakes College, Sunny Coast

Over the last couple of weeks there have been some great race results for Striders in a number of races including two junior members competing in the Australian Cross Country Championships in Adelaide. Here’s some edited highlights: Continue reading “Running Race Roundup: Brisbane, XC Nationals, Lakes College, Sunny Coast”

Lake Manchester Trail Run

I am new to the Striders and you might not know me. I joined about three weeks ago. I have run with the group on Tuesday evenings a few times and yesterday I managed to haul my carcass out of bed in time to run with the Saturday morning group for the first time (although I might have dreamt it!). Anyway, the Lake Manchester trail run was my first since joining the Striders. Continue reading “Lake Manchester Trail Run”

Brisbane deserves a world class marathon

Participation in running is growing.  You would imagine that a modern sophisticated city like Brisbane would have a world class marathon the likes of countless other cities across the world?  Think again.  Last weekends Brisbane Marathon was a fraught affair with significant difficulties with the course thanks not only to problems arising from the floods but a lack of support from the Council, State government and other authorities.  The race organisers have struggled to get permission for road closures and also for funding support.  The result is that the Brisbane Marathon has to be run over a course which at places was sub standard and other places downright dangerous.  There is no surprise that there were injuries this year when the public and competitors came together. Continue reading “Brisbane deserves a world class marathon”

Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival

Matt & Emily Stark after a blistering 4km race

*Updated* This years Gold Coast Marathon saw the biggest contingent of Striders ever. As last year there were plenty of debutantes at half and full marathon. There were some inspirational performances as well, not necessarily at the front of the field. Alan Whittle is facing a heart operation in days and he defied doctors orders to finish after careful but determined training. Alan ran across the line with Fabian Gonzales (Pix) who hit trouble at 27km’s. As usual, the race was graced by the presence of the perpetual angel who never runs for herself and always helps others to get across the line. Mary Jackson helped Fabian push through the barriers and eventually gathered Alan as well. The genetic freaks at the front are impressive but the people who finish despite significant difficulty (and those who help them) are inspiring.

The debutantes are inspiring as well. Each Half Marathon and Marathon medalists are winners in their own right. Many have come a long way from the couch, into an active life and to the point where they set themselves big goals and have now achieved them. Continue reading “Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival”