Gold Coast Marathon Training Plan 2016

The 2016 GCM Training Plan is ready for download. The plan builds up to the key focal point for many Striders. The SE QLD running calendar is rapidly changing and some key races have shifted to much later. This has provided a few complications for 2016 as we can no longer rely on the usual schedule of races to build up from 10km, to Half and then to marathon. Continue reading “Gold Coast Marathon Training Plan 2016”

Road To OxFam Trailwalker

Your team has to walk 100 km in a limited time – usually 48 hours – in all weather and across some rough terrain. You must work together to all complete the distance within the time. It’s a true test of teamwork and determination and for those that make it the sense of achievement is immense. Here’s the story of how a Striders team tackled this monster race – and lived to tell the tale. Continue reading “Road To OxFam Trailwalker”

Ironman Port Mac 2015

As the dust settles over Port Mac, and it becomes a memory in our minds as spectators…. the time has come for the “Ironmen” themselves to absorb their MASSIVE achievement and debrief.  Take the time to read Radish’s race report.  It might even tempt you if you are sitting on the fence to press that button and give it a crack!  He shows us that dreams are possible!

2015 Ironman Report by Anthony “Radish” Radford

Wow, what an incredible journey. Ironman, it is a multitude of feelings from utter exhaustion to complete exhilaration but my Ironman journey really started about 2.5 – 3 years ago – but I didn’t know it at the time.

In my teens and twenties, I played a lot of sports that kept me fit and active but as I got tied up in business and life, sometimes we forget (or lose sight) about what is important and healthy for us.

As the working life in the building trade became busier, I slowly dropped my sporting activities to the point, when I played no sports at all for nearly 8yrs except for a few games of golf here & there.

When Lorrelle & I first got together, we started walking several times a week to get fitter. But in early 2012, we caught up with a long term mate & his wife (Grant & Lesley McInnes) at the Redcliffe Dolphins Leagues club for a meal. Over that meal Grant & Lesley spoke about the Hell of the West Triathlon at Goondiwindi QLD and that they were looking at entering a team there and Lesley challenged me to be their runner, Continue reading “Ironman Port Mac 2015”

3 Older Chaps and an Apprentice – The Training is almost done!

Oxfam Trailwalker (I think these guys missed the bit about walking in the brief!) is only a couple of weeks away now (19-21 June) and the fellas have been consistently training and no doubt getting to know each other a whole lot better after many hours together working the trails.  The teams latest blog from the website is below and if you would like to help them get to their fundraising goal, please follow the link attached. These guys have big goals…. lets get behind them!

31 May 2015: We have been scoping out the hills of Brisbane Forest Park over the past month or so and are pleased to say that our training is going to plan. It has been great seeing other Oxfam teams out and about on the trails, putting effort in to getting prepared for the big day which is now less than three weeks away. Seeing some of the trail in light and dark has given us perspective of what is likely going to confront us over the day. Hopefully we will see some of you at various checkpoints along the way, feel free to come and heckle us along the course and tell us to get a move on. If you want to know where we will aim to be during the day, drop us a line.

Des Vins de Blaye Marathon

My husband asked me yesterday what did I think of this race and all I can say is WoW!! What an experience! If you are ever thinking of doing this race and expect to do a good race time, then this is not the race for you! If you want something different and you want to experience some different culture, comradeship, the joining of a community and families coming together to enjoy this unbelievable bond they have with one and another (not so worried about how they were going to do on the day but most importantly that everyone enjoys the day.) If you want to be part of this, then this race is for you!
I came to this small community, unable to speak the language (which did cause some small frustrations between both myself and others) but could not of been more welcomed. The race started with a pre-dinner – Pasta Night, where the runners came together to celebrate with dinner and a few red wines. The French have many local songs I have not heard before, but everyone seemed to get involved in proudly singing and dancing to these. The guys actually danced more than the girls. An amazing night with an awesome meal!
The marathon the next day was too, an amazing event! It started with the costume judging and there were some fantastic outfits, wedding parties, Angel & Devil, Jesus, Priests, just to mention a few. Running through the fields just made it so entertaining, especially when they were playing their parts. Although I couldn’t understand the language, I could see the smiles on their faces.
When we entered each town, there were not only Mayors out to welcome us, the locals were set up outside their houses on the balcony eating and drinking, cheering us all on! Just amazing!
It was known that I was coming to celebrate my birthday, so there were signs on the course, congratulating me on my anniversary! An unexpected surprise, I was very overwhelmed!
I found the course quite difficult! There were hills…many hills! You all know how I love hills! There was grass trails (very uneven) yet the locals seemed to have no problems with these. The vineyards were loose gravel with rocks and pretty unstable, but again the locals must be used to it as they all just raced past me! (Or maybe I just need to train more on trails!) Even after they downed a few red wines! There were wine, food and sweets at every 2 to 3 k’s. Each local community organised each stop and ensured that a welcoming crowd were there to greet us! Just an unbelievable experience!!
The day ended with a closing night where we all came together to celebrate the day. Again another fond night. The locals and others came together celebrating with many local songs and dance. Every region in France was represented and proud to sing their own song and dance their own dance, louder and prouder than the previous night and all the young children were encouraged to join in! The French just seem to love life and make the most of every moment!
When we had to leave, I made a point of letting them know how much I enjoyed the experience and next minute I was up on stage (apparently they don’t see many Aussies) Because it was my birthday, in France, it is customary to be kissed by all the guys! Well what could I do but go along with customs!  I was given a gift of wine by the Mayor, and sent on my way, with wishes to return next year! From the time I arrived until the time I left, I only paid for accommodation and was never hungry or thirsty.
So in short, I had the best time ever in Blaye! If you want to really enjoy your running, consider this run because I can’t think of anything that beats this experience! A great 50th birthday celebration!