Introducing South Pine Riders

When Striders first began many moons ago in 2006, cycling was one of the activities on offer. That fell off a revised schedule of activities but since then a regular group of riders have left 5 mornings a week from the car park of SPCC, including quite a few Striders. Over time we have encouraged the cyclists to become a bit more organised and now that is upon us. Continue reading “Introducing South Pine Riders”

New Striders Leadership Team

Our new identity as fully independent club was cemented last night.  At our meeting the inaugural leadership team of South Pine Striders were voted in. We have a team of eight which includes three officers and five members of the management team.  We also filled a number of other club roles on what was a very productive night. Continue reading “New Striders Leadership Team”

Historic Meeting For Future Of Striders

At an historic meeting on March 16 a decision was formally made to constitute formally as an independent association.  The meeting also appointed three interim officers: Stan Fetting – Interim President, Michael Stark – Interim Secretary, Karen Brown – Interim Treasurer. The meeting also agreed to a Club Constitution and Membership Policy.The key decisions made at the meeting surrounded our classes of membership.  There are 4 kinds of membership: Continue reading “Historic Meeting For Future Of Striders”

Youngest Strider Set For Brazil

Matthew Stark - picture from Northern Times

Great story in the Northern Times about Striders youngest member.  Matthew Stark comes along to the 5am interval sessions on Tuesday along with his dad Michael, and keeps on going like a Duracel bunny.  Running isn’t his only strength, he’s a pretty mean swimmer as well. Read the story in the Northern Times here.

Striders Public Meeting – 16 March 2011

Five years ago our running club was ‘birthed’ from within South Pine Community Church as a community initiative.  The intention was to establish the club and then set it free once it was able to stand on its own feet and establish it as a fully independent sporting club.  That time has now come and the leadership of SPCC have granted permission for Striders to apply to become an incorporated association.  Continue reading “Striders Public Meeting – 16 March 2011”

Race Roundup and News

SportAthletesDoomben: Quite a few Striders were busy at the recent Doomben Half Marathon.  Jo Filmalter debuted in her first ever Half, and also doing the 21.1km were Lisa May, Karen Brown and Jenny Cawood.  Tom Donnet won his age group in the 10km, and new Strider Jerrod Smith nailed the 10km as well.

24 Hour Triathlon, Kawana Waters: Mary Jackson came 5th overall and was second placed female in the gruelling and crazy and cold 24hr belter up at Kawana on the weekend supported by husband Brett and various other unruly Striders in the early hours of the morning.  Crazy, but impressive.  well done!

Media tart sighting: featured in The Westerner, a Striders wearing other club colours!