Striders Simmer in Toowoomba

A good number of Striders gathered at the Toowoomba Golf Club on Saturday night for a big carbo loading session followed by some late evening ice cream runs and more than a few packets of chocolate and snakes. It was great to have Dino along with his beautiful family. Paul Dack and Jerrod failed to give Stan proper navigational support and they all ended up at the Walloon Saloon where there was one particular bearded lady who made us get out of town quick smart. Continue reading “Striders Simmer in Toowoomba”

Lake Manchester Trail Run

I am new to the Striders and you might not know me. I joined about three weeks ago. I have run with the group on Tuesday evenings a few times and yesterday I managed to haul my carcass out of bed in time to run with the Saturday morning group for the first time (although I might have dreamt it!). Anyway, the Lake Manchester trail run was my first since joining the Striders. Continue reading “Lake Manchester Trail Run”

Striders at Brisbane Marathon Festival

Stan Fetting, Jerrod Smith & Mark Lawton enjoy some post race celebrations

This year’s Brisbane Marathon Festival was blessed with fantastic weather and a 15 degree start to the Marathon and Half at 6am. The course this year was greatly affected by the floods and also the difficulties organisers had with an uncooperative Council.  There were 4 bridge crossings, lots of twists and turns, dips and rises and two crowded laps of the Botanic Gardens at the start. However runners made the best of the difficult course and aided by enthusiastic volunteers enjoyed a warm morning of running.  Striders managed to get a runner in the top 5. There weren’t many club members competing having raced at Gold Coast and Jetty 2 Jetty. Continue reading “Striders at Brisbane Marathon Festival”

Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival

Matt & Emily Stark after a blistering 4km race

*Updated* This years Gold Coast Marathon saw the biggest contingent of Striders ever. As last year there were plenty of debutantes at half and full marathon. There were some inspirational performances as well, not necessarily at the front of the field. Alan Whittle is facing a heart operation in days and he defied doctors orders to finish after careful but determined training. Alan ran across the line with Fabian Gonzales (Pix) who hit trouble at 27km’s. As usual, the race was graced by the presence of the perpetual angel who never runs for herself and always helps others to get across the line. Mary Jackson helped Fabian push through the barriers and eventually gathered Alan as well. The genetic freaks at the front are impressive but the people who finish despite significant difficulty (and those who help them) are inspiring.

The debutantes are inspiring as well. Each Half Marathon and Marathon medalists are winners in their own right. Many have come a long way from the couch, into an active life and to the point where they set themselves big goals and have now achieved them. Continue reading “Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival”

New Striders Leadership Team

Our new identity as fully independent club was cemented last night.  At our meeting the inaugural leadership team of South Pine Striders were voted in. We have a team of eight which includes three officers and five members of the management team.  We also filled a number of other club roles on what was a very productive night. Continue reading “New Striders Leadership Team”

Striders At Noosa Running Festival

Michael Stark, Enda Cotter & Duncan Price recover at the end of the Noosa Half

Noosa once again played host to another exceptionally well organised USM weekend of events, with the Half Marathon, 10km and 5km the focus for Striders members.  The weekend rain saw the humidity soar to 97% at 7am, when the Half Marathon was 30min underway.  Most competitors felt the effects of the humidity on the second 5km lap, but it could have been a lot worse with a lot of rain and wind the night before.  The Noosa course is a flat and fast out and back lap course, which some runners prefer as it helps break the race down into sections which helps with pacing and anticipating just where you are on the course.  The timing of the Noosa Half now makes it ideal preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon, with enough time to recover and finish off the last 6 weeks of marathon training.  The girls outnumbered the boys once again, and there were some great new PB’s. Continue reading “Striders At Noosa Running Festival”

Striders At Twilight Running Festival

Jerrod & Gavin limber up for the Half Marathon

It was a busy weekend for a lot of Striders either warming up for Mooloolaba Triathlon on Saturday, racing at the Bribie Tri on Sunday or competing in the Twilight Running Festival on Sunday night. It’s a tough race at the start of the race season but our runners toughed it out and the rain held out as well.  It was an evening of impressive achievements and at least two firsts. Continue reading “Striders At Twilight Running Festival”

Striders Public Meeting – 16 March 2011

Five years ago our running club was ‘birthed’ from within South Pine Community Church as a community initiative.  The intention was to establish the club and then set it free once it was able to stand on its own feet and establish it as a fully independent sporting club.  That time has now come and the leadership of SPCC have granted permission for Striders to apply to become an incorporated association.  Continue reading “Striders Public Meeting – 16 March 2011”